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My Novel

Steve is in the process of editing his first novel, 

"The Cure For (IT)" and is currently looking for a Literary Agent, below is the preface to the book.

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Preface - The Cure for (IT)

Is there a cure for the human condition called loneliness? Or is it just a bottomless pit? This Americana drink, and drug fueled journey is a broken down, limitless highway of circumstance, told through the words, music, thoughts, mind altering experiences, and the women in the life of the Lonesome Stranger as he dangles precariously on the pendulum of expectation and despair, searching for the cure. There is no particular reason as to why these words have been written on these pages, except for the obvious fact that they exist within the walls of isolation and solitude. The reality of what is true can be construed as an indiscretion of falsehood, and it is for you, as the reader to distinguish, digest, and ultimately castigate the ramblings of the scribe in question.

As far as is known, there is no word that has yet to be penned to describe the exact opposite of loneliness, but by definition, loneliness is painful. Maybe contentment or joy could be considered, but let us not forget, that loneliness means different things to different people. So let the journey begin, take time out En route to define, and work at attaining the cure for (IT)

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