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Steve is a British poet, musician and writer, he was born on February 26th 1957 in Birmingham, UK

After leaving school at 15 a rebellious and angry young man, Steve Soden has now become deep-thinking, spiritual and romantic.

Steve is also an actor and trained at The Birmingham Theatre School, his stage name is Steve Lately, some of his performances are on his show reel at - He ran his own children’s theatre company for three years from 1980 to 1983.

In 1985 Steve moved to London, where he wrote two children’s plays, both toured extensively. He also co-wrote two plays, Scratchers which was performed in Birmingham and The Waiting Room. He has also written and performed a collection of poetry and verse, poetry written in an uneasy and  cynical style reflected through personal experience of Birth, Life and Death.


Steve was the Singer/Songwriter in a band called The Purple Buddhas for eight years, they released one album called Nowhere to Run, he also released a solo album called Taps of Love and Hate.


Steve has released an album Welcome to the Asylum and published a book of his poetry,  To Hell and Back. This is the first collection of poems by the Birmingham born poet, playwright and songwriter Steve Soden.


Steve recently formed a new band called Twisted Heart and undertaken public performances.

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